Pure Earth International (PEI) is the number one distributor of communications, IT products, consumer services and products in Djibouti and Somalia. We provide our valuable customers with uninterrupted stock and professional technical support from our leading manufacturing partners for several years now.

Our Vision

Our company’s mission is to provide the most reliable ‘supply chain’ covering all the vast growing market of East Africa, and to bring ‘technology’ back home. This was our motivation to work hard to maintain and build a strong business relationship with the top IT companies such as D-Link, vertiv, Epson, philips, Legrand, toshiba and many more.

In spite of being a relatively new company in the field of IT services and solutions, starting business in 2013, PEI has gained several recognitions and awards, with its high quality services offered to our clients and suppliers. In everything we do, we follow the best business models and build relationships with our retailers, local resellers, system integrators and wholesalers, with the aim to meet and exceed their expectations and to gain their satisfaction.

Our Values

The team at PEI is driven with core work values of commitment, professionalism and integrity. We also continuously strive in providing our valuable customers with the most advanced innovations as well as the leading solutions in the market to meet will all the challenges in technology.