Distribution: Pure Earth International (PEI) is the number one distributor of communications, IT products, consumer services and products in Djibouti and Somalia. As the leading distributor in the field of information technology, we make sure that our clients are getting uninterrupted supply and, professional technical support from our leading manufacturing partners. We specialise in the distribution and sourcing of high quality technology products, by operating on an extensive international network. We combine the international experience of our management team with the local expertise of our distribution centers in East Africa. With our broad local presence, we have developed in-depth knowledge and understanding of fast-growing IT markets in the region and its diverse cultural, linguistic and legal landscape, which may form significant barriers to entry for most of our international competitors.

IT Solutions: PEI put the needs and requirements of our clients at the heart of our services. Our IT Solutions sector ‘ Pure Tech Solutions’ make sure that the best technical support is provided in system installations, premises, backup recovery, security checks, upgrades and repairs, infrastructure and application solutions. With the years of experience we have in the field, we have highly dedicated, passionate and committed IT Solution team, you can rest assure that you will only get the best required services. Our expert team will not only meet your our clients expectations but will exceed them in the best way that we can.

Retail: In addition to our distribution and IT Solution sectors, we have retail services sector ‘Pure Tech’ that offers the widest variety of products and solutions that suit perfectly to the needs of our customers. This includes selling, personal computers, printing, networking, communication and modern accessories.

Channel news

PEI D-link event at Djibouti

Pure Earth International, the leading IT distributor in Djibouti organized D-link products launch

Partnered with APC

PEI have partnered with APC, a leading global brand in information technology

Partnered with Toshiba

PEI have partnered with Toshiba, a leading global brand in information technology

D-Link 2015 Award

PEI has been awarded as the D-Link 'Emerging Distributor of the Year – 2015’